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I’m Jane and describe myself as a Tarot life coach/counsellor who works from the heart and allows intuitive insight to help you uncover your own inner knowing. Sounds very ‘new agey,’ I know. And I’m not. But if you want to find your own answers, through the Tarot, I can help you do that. My first Tarot deck was purchased in 1990 and I have turned to the Tarot for personal guidance since then. It has always been a reliable guide and ‘tuning fork’ for my own knowing. Fairly recently, I started reading for family and friends and then gave readings for other people. Realising it is something that has helped others I took the next step and I enrolled on the Biddy Tarot Certification Programme. An amazing journey and I am thrilled and proud to say that I am a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader. Biddy_Tarot_Certified

Jane - The Reader

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