Code of Ethics

As an ethical and professional Tarot reader I will:

1. Maintain confidentiality. Anything you tell me remains with me.

2. Honour your free will, helping you find your inner answers. I do not predict the future but I can work with you to help you shape your future.

3. Remain mindful at all time that only you walk in your shoes… I will not pass judgement on anything you ask or that concerns you.

4. Ask for your permission to rephrase your question if we both agree that it may be helpful to do so.

5. Not read for anyone under 18 years of age (apologies if that applies to you).

6. Not give medical, legal or financial advice. I am really sorry but I am not a trained professional in any of these areas and prefer to leave such guidance to the experts.

7. Respect your privacy and store any information you pass on to me in a locked cabinet if the information is in a hard copy format and/or on a password protected computer. Information will be kept for three months in order to facilitate follow up if requested.

8. Destroy such information if you ask me to do so.

9. Request your permission to hold such information.

10. Request payment for the Tarot reading. We are both worth it!